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When beginning a fitness training program for the first time, Angelina has found it’s not uncommon for new clients to feel that weight training may contribute to getting that “bulky look”. Angelina and her long-time clients are examples of how weight training actually, increases metabolism and lean body mass, which increases fat burning. It takes most men, who are body builders many years of strategic training and heavy lifting to “get big” or “look big”, and they have that extra testosterone women do not have that helps them get

there. Weight training is also essential for women’s health because it helps to increase bone density in addition to increasing strength.


Many of Angelina’s clients love kick boxing, and, or light boxing, and learning self-defense techniques which she incorporates into the training sessions upon request..


As we know nutrition is a major part of a fit healthy body and lifestyle. Angelina believes in working smarter not harder and making better meal choices to get there. And, her meal guides are not based on fad diets or deprivation. She provides the knowledge you need to feel confident about cooking and eating healthy at home or on-the-go; you’ll learn how real food can transform your mind and body.


Angelina’s coaching includes Exercise, Nutrition, and emphasizes a positive “can-do” attitude which is the secret to all success! Through this holistic approach, Angelina teaches

how to “Love Your Fitness Everyday!” This is the kind of training that sticks with clients for life. In addition to her health and wellness certifications, Angelina holds a bachelor’s

degree in psychology and a master’s of social work. The combination of her years of professional experience and education give her a unique ability to offer a holistic approach in guiding people through great physical and emotional transformations. Among the variety of training styles Angelina offers her clients, is yoga, myofascial release, foam rolling, and deep breathing exercises, often as part of the warm-up or cooldowns. This helps to decompress the spine, improve circulation, immune function and mood, just to name a few of the benefits.