Linda Dolson

Linda Dolson is a Certified Traditional Naturopath. She has additional certifications in Homeopathy and as a Neuro-physical Reprogramming specialist over 15 years. She has been trained and certified as a Domestic Violence Counselor. Ms. Dolson spent over twenty years as a manager at Macys. She is a former President of Safe passage and has been on the Board of Directors for 7 years. Today, Ms. Dolson is working as the Program Director and Counselor for Safe Passage.  As the counselor and health specialist, Ms. Dolson addresses the emotional and health issues of the Safe Passage clients who are women victims of domestic violence. She is able to discover their nutritional deficiencies and customize a nutrition plan, recommending the vitamins that correspond with their specific conditions.  She helps the women and children heal from the scars of abuse breaking the cycle of Domestic Violence by using the Neuro-physcial Reprogramming (NPR) Protocol that bypasses the conscious mind leading to the core of an illness or an emotional identity. Ms. Dolson transforms the women’s emotional DNA, creating a healthy confident individuals. Linda can be contacted directly at her site: PerfectImageHealth.com


John A. “Jay” Faber, MD

is a clinical and forensic double board-certified psychiatrist with more than three decades of experience in Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry and Pharmacological Management, treating patients in clinical private practices in Colorado, California and Georgia. Currently he is on the medical staff at the Amen Clinics in Encino, CA. 

In addition to his psychiatric education, Dr. Faber has taken an avid scientific interest in the mind-body connection and how to holistically care for both entities. From this passion, Dr. Faber has become board certified in metabolic medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.  Furthermore, he is currently working on his master’s degree in Integrative Medicine at George Washington University. With this additional knowledge, Dr. Faber has been able to address hormonal, toxic, inflammatory, metabolic, and immunologic conditions of the brain as well as other body systems.

Through diverse therapies including vitamins, minerals, supplements, traditional Eastern Medicine, and medications, Dr. Faber holistically treats his patients in a manner that promotes optimal change.  Bright, eager, visionary, and always looking for cutting edge treatments, Dr. Faber connects with his patients at a level that delivers hope, resilience, and inspiration. Such an approach fosters the values of health, vitality, and well-being. 

Dr. Faber has written the book, Escape; Rehab Your Brain to Stay out of the Legal System. Recognizing the high percentage of prisoners who suffer from mental illness and substance abuse, Dr. Faber has specifically written a book for them. In this document, Dr. Faber instructs the criminal how he/she can rehabilitate their brain such that they can make better sound choices, develop constructive relationships, and prevent future legal problems.

Before coming to the Amen Clinics, Dr .Faber served as Vice President and Medical Director for ValueOptions Public Service Division, North Texas, serving 1.1 million members. In this role, he created a new cost effective formulary that provided appropriate and effective pharmacological agents to its members.  

Prior to this position, Dr. Faber served as the National Medical Director for Humana’s Behavioral Health Division.  During his stay, he initiated a medical and behavior integration system that supports patients’ psychological as well as medical needs. In 2010, Dr. Faber received the “Century Award” from the Humana Board of Directors.

Sandi Atmore

Life Coach, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist®, Author & Speaker

Sandi Atmore has been professionally mentoring and healing others since 2010. She has helped hundreds of people transform their lives through resolving the past and living in the present.

As a Speaker, Life Coach & Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, Sandi believes in transformational coaching from the inside out. There is no magic bullet or hidden secret to living the life you desire. What is unresolved inside of you will manifest outside of you. And until the inside is changed there will not be lasting change on the outside.Sandi Atmore was born in a naval hospital in Portsmouth, VA. Her family moved many times before settling back with the remainder of the extended family in Upstate New York. Her childhood was tumultuous and she suffered physical, sexual and verbal abuse from the time she was 2 until the age of 15. The dynamic in Sandi’s home was that all bad things were to be kept behind closed doors and so to the outside world her family looked happy and normal. To deal with the stress and abuse Sandi developed the same coping skills she learned from her caregivers, denial and repression.

As an adult, Sandi moved to Florida and then settled in California in 1998. Her life revolved around moving up the corporate ladder and fitness. Childhood wounds that had left an internal feeling that something was terribly wrong with her fueled her drive. If she could just “make it” in business and have the perfect body then perhaps that terrible feeling would go away. It didn’t work. Neither did drugs or alcohol. By 2003 Sandi was a Vice President of Sales and Marketing and smoking crystal meth every day. In 2005, after facing the abuse of her childhood Sandi walked away from drugs. She discovered Grief Recovery in 2006. The Outreach Program gave her the structure and tools to heal from the inner wounds. After using the tools for several years, Sandi became certified as a Specialist in 2010. Sandi is now an Author, Speaker, Life Coach and Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®. She is also the founder of Grief Unchained. Her journey to healing from childhood trauma had given her a deep understanding of the pain and bondage this kind of trauma can have on an individual’s life. Sandi is married, resides in southern California and has a BS in Business Administration.

Sandi Atmore

Life Coach & Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®
Jim Steele has been called and anointed to be a prophet with an apostolic gifts for over 29 years. His ministry always brings God’s healing grace and love to the brokenhearted, proclaiming liberty to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, setting free those who are oppressed, and proclaiming the acceptable year of the Lord. He has been counseling hundreds of people and seeing the holy spirit transform their lives. A family man, been married for 30 years and very passionate to save and heal marriages, as well as teaching people how to live a victorious life. 
“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.
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