‘Discover The Mind of Steele’ Book


‘Discover The Mind of Steele’ 

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The Invincible Journey of 7 Decades to becoming Ageless, Fearless, and Divinely Connected.

Trish Steele has often faced adversity, undergoing loss, bullying, domestic abuse, and more throughout her life. Yet, she never allowed those events to define her. Instead, she used these experiences to fuel her passion for doing true good that comes from the heart. With this passion, Trish Steele founded and worked as CEO of Safe Passage, which initially served as a shelter for physically abused and emotionally distraught women. When Safe Passage first started, Trish offered her own home to these women so that they could have a safe place to stay.

Trish Steele soon expanded Safe Passage’s influence, attaching it to other programs and giving it a larger pool of resources to help those involved in the program, including access to doctors, dentists, counselors, self-defense instructors, career mentors, and more. In addition, Trish Steele has spoken and written about Safe Passage and her journey with books such as “The Compelling Life-Changing Stories of 12 Women” and her new book “Discover the Mind of Steele” which has just been released.