The Crowning event at The Four Seasons

The Crowning event at The Four Seasons 1024 513 SAFE PASSAGE

The Crowning Event at The Four Seasons

The purpose of our platform is to provide a foundation for women who have the courage to lead and the passion to make a difference regarding their God-given purpose.

Our Ambassadors are spokesmodels for our charity teams and our contestants’ charities of choice.  Our system provides recognition to women of all ages demonstrating one’s excellence in promoting their chosen platform and community service. Titles are awarded to recipients based upon Submission or Competition and ‘Her’ dedication to being ‘A Voice and FoRce To Promote Action’.  Trish Steele-Women Crowned In Glory, Inc. is now the 2022 International Ms. Ambassador for the world to bring awareness of its compassionate mission saving women and their children from all forms of abuse and trauma.

For more information go to or contact Maria DiGiovanni- Founder & CEO at

Ambassador FoRe! Women Crowned in Glory at The Four Seasons