MAG GALA NY – 10th Anniversary – A Celebration of Kindness

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MAG GALA New York - 10th Anniversary - A Celebration of Kindness

The Luisa Diaz Foundation celebrated a milestone 10th anniversary black tie MAG gala on Wednesday, May 15th, 2024 at The Plaza Hotel. The annual event that year honored a decade of changing lives in communities across America with 2024 focusing on two organizations – Safe Passage Heals and Sanctuary for Families. It was a grand “Celebration of Kindness” attended by important international changemakers from across the globe. It all was part of the organization’s motto that “kindness is cool.” The previous year, Mayor Adams had proclaimed May 18th (the date of the gala) as “Kindness is Cool Day” in NYC forevermore. Events celebrating that day were also being planned.

An all-star lineup of presenters and performers dedicated the night to honorees and the organizations that collectively shone a light on the dangers of human trafficking and shared support for the fight to help domestic violence survivors. The subjects were often not focused on, and the event hoped to spread much-needed awareness.

The Luisa Diaz foundation proudly honored those grassroot organizations and exemplary individuals who had made significant humanitarian and philanthropic contributions.

Additionally, the “Runway of Hope,” where fashion met compassion, was once again a part of the program. The runway show celebrated women survivors as well as one trans person survivor that year who walked the runway after going through the program for a year and further training sessions of confidence-building and styling provided by the Luisa Diaz Foundation. The emphasis was placed on it not being a show about style, but rather a prolific moment that could forever re-shape the life of a person who had suffered from past abuse. The new beginning and moving toward a place of light and hope started when they took the stage and walked proud with each step, breaking the chains of oppression.

About The Luisa Diaz Foundation:

Founded by Luisa Diaz, the Luisa Diaz Foundation (LDF, 501c3) supports organizations and individuals who are making a direct impact in helping people and their communities through acts of kindness. Luisa developed and produced the “MAG Gala,” which is a “celebration of kindness” with annual events in Los Angeles and New York. These events have raised money and awareness for organizations such as “Safe Passage Heals, Hopes Door, Team TLC NYC, Hijos de Moran. Luisa worked directly with the survivors in coaching and helping them build their self-esteem to walk the “Runway of Hope”  (Walking Towards the Light). Where fashion meets compassion.

Executive director and former Ms. Venezuela International Luisa Diaz founded the Luisa Diaz Foundation in honor of her beloved grandmother to raise funds and awareness for individuals and organizations who support survivors of domestic violence and their families.

She is also the author of the trailblazing book, “Sexy is Timeless: Ten Timeless Sexy Assets That Lie within You.”