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Safe Passage Client Testimonials

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Safe Passage Client Testimonials

“The thing I loved was getting a sense of community among the other women there. Knowing you are not alone and that we have so many resources ready for us. I love the empowerment of women to help each other out during these tough chapters of our lives.”
- DL, Safe Passage Graduate
“The group to me felt like a safe place. Everybody was sharing their stories and there was no judgment.”
- AM, Safe Passage Graduate
“I loved the fact that I didn’t feel judged or “different.” I appreciate the open space to voice my issues and be given honest opinions. I even more appreciate the time you gave to our children, allowing us to be part of such a great organization.”
- IM, Safe Passage Graduate

Karen Gonzales- Story for her Legacy Award

During the subsequent years of getting back on her feet, Karen immersed herself in trauma-informed education. With the help of other organizations such as Echo Parenting & Education and Safe Passage, she got certified in parenting education and is now a domestic violence counselor to help others realize they don’t have to be a victim for life.

Karen said she has learned first-hand how deeply children of victims and the whole community are affected by domestic violence.

As part of what she called “the movement of survivors to come back and to give back,” she suggested people can help through funding, sharing talents, empowering victims, and being a friend.

“There has to be a safe place for victims,” she said, “and they need help getting back on their feet.” Just like she did.

AArmstrongCathyLukeDuring our Awards Gala, former Safe Passage graduate, Catherine Sanson received the Andy Armstrong Positive Action Award

This award is given to an advocate that promotes ending Domestic Violence, making strides to take positive action to accomplish this goal. Her son, Luke inspired us all as he also received the award alongside his mother making a speech that stunned the entire room. Luke was passionate in his deliverance about an implementation of a law, “Luke’s Law”, that gives children and teenagers a voice, who have been teared down by the judicial system from domestic violence cases.

Catherine Sanson says, “I am very proud of my son for courageously speaking out against the injustice that he has had to endure these past years. Although, “Luke’s Law” will not be executed in time to give Luke the voice he wants in the US court system today, it is time for new changes. Luke desires to stand up and be the voice for all children. A voice to all to speak out against abuse inflicted upon them without revictimization. Judges should see and hear from them before any recommendations of their best interests are given”.


Catherine-AndyArmstrong-Luke“Wow! I am extremely proud to have been even a small part of the awards process and especially to have my name on this award. Luke’s speech was something absolutely incredible. A terrible reminder of what can be allowed to
happen without something like “Luke’s Law” but also a truly moving speech by a young man who has endured horrible actions and yet has turned his experience into a really wonderful cause. Luke’s strength of character, projection of opinion and intelligent maturity were nothing less than amazing. I really feel his speech should be something that is shown in schools as there are clearly many stories like his past happening to other children. But I doubt many victims would have the courage and absolute honesty to talk about them the way Luke can. An inspiring young man! Well done, Catherine Sanson!”

-Andy Armstrong

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