Our Program

Stepping Stones to a New Life

Stepping Stones to a New Life is our program designed to equip women and their children that have experienced Domestic Violence to be productive members of society, willing to give back and help other women and their children who are in the same situation. This program takes commitment, determination and a willingness to change. With their new confidence and the support of the Safe Passage Team of Specialists, they will be able to move forward with a new successful life. The team brings their talents and expertise to transform the women’s self-esteem by giving them the tools needed to overcome the scars of domestic violence and mental abuse. Each person will learn to let go of the past and to embrace the program so that the cycle of domestic violence can be broken. All women accepted for the program need to stay free from any serious relationships so the healing may be fully established.

Healing & Assistance

  • Weekly Counseling
  • Health Assessment and Nutrition Classes
  • Physical and Dental Checkup
  • Reconstructive Facial Surgery & Other Assessed Per Client
  • Housing Assistance: Donation of Supplies, Furniture, and Moving Expenses

Life Skills & Empowerment

  • Organizational skills and Goal Setting
  • Computer Training
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Resume Writing
  • Financial Workshop: Basic Finance; How to Handle Your Money
  • Interviewing Skills: How to Make a Good First Impression; Public Speaking
  • Self Defense Class Weekly
  • Beauty: Make-up Work Shop.  Skin Care Products & Supplies Provided
  • Empowerment Training: “Beauty From the Inside Out” by Founder Trish Steele

Services for Children

  • Counseling
  • Mentorship
  • School Supplies and Clothing
  • Self Defense Class Weekly

*Travel Expenses Provided

 Linda Dolson – Program Director

Linda DSC00264 copy (2) Linda Dolson is a Certified Traditional Naturopath. She has additional certifications in Homeopathy and as a Neuro-physical Reprogramming specialist over 18 years. She has been trained and certified as a Domestic Violence Counselor. Ms. Dolson spent over twenty years as a manager at Macys. She is a former President of Safe passage and has been on the Board of Directors for 10 years. Today, Ms. Dolson is working as the Program Director and Counselor for Safe Passage.  As the counselor and health specialist, Ms. Dolson addresses the emotional and health issues of the Safe Passage clients who are women victims of domestic violence. She is able to discover their nutritional deficiencies and customize a nutrition plan, recommending the vitamins that correspond with their specific conditions.  She helps the women and children heal from the scars of abuse breaking the cycle of Domestic Violence by using the Neuro-Physical Reprogramming (NPR) Protocol that bypasses the conscious mind leading to the core of an illness or an emotional identity. Ms. Dolson transforms the women’s emotional DNA, creating a healthy confident individuals.



Stepping Stones To A New Life