Heal from Shame, Anger & Fear;
Heal from Abuse & Harassment.
Heal yourself and you will heal the world.

Safe Passage Counseling Heals.
Your appointed time is now, that you deserve. Join Us!

There is a lot of strength that comes through the process of sharing your story,
be encouraged by calling today for help.

 Call: 818-232-7476   Email: Contact@Time2Heal.org

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  • Abuse/Domestic Violence (Linda Dolson Counselor)
  • Mental Illness/Psychiatrist (John Faber, MD)
  • Grief Recovery (Sandi Atmore)
  • Christian/Spiritual Ministry Specialist (Pastor Jim Steele)
  • Other

People are shining light on their secret pain.
There is an appointed time for everything under heaven…
it’s time to heal.

Suicide Prevention Center 800-273-8255
Break the Cycle – Teens-Young Adults 424-265-7346
National DV Hotline 800-944-SAFE