Safe Passage June 2023 Newsletter

Safe Passage June 2023 Newsletter 1024 683 SAFE PASSAGE

Safe Passage June 2023 Newsletter

 MAG Gala New York City May 2023

Inspiration from Survivors

Safe Passage is grateful for the incredible women thatallow us to walk with them through difficult times. We donot take this responsibility lightly, and our mission is tooffer support to engage the healing process. Plus offerexperiences beyond the program to encourage community,so they can thrive and glorify God. Your support leads tosuccess stories which are inspirational, so we want to sharethem with you.

Last month Safe Passage sponsored three graduates of ourprogram to New York City. They participated in the MAG

Gala at The Plaza Hotel and The Run Way of Hope. LuisaDiaz Brown Foundation highlighted thecourageous survivors in an elegant fashion show, providedbeautiful gowns and a day to prepare and nurture theirspirits. Sue, Jacquene, and Cindy worked hard to embracethis opportunity and they were rewarded with empoweredinspiration.

Safe Passage Counselor Kathleen O’Donnell Dew and JanetCano coached them through obstacles and challenges thatarose. The ladies bonded as they explored New York Cityand entertained new possibilities for their lives. Even themost confident would be nervous speaking and sharingsuch intimate details at a public event, it was essential tohave coaches to help them face fears and overcome doubt,but it paid off.

Since completing the Safe Passage program Jacquene hasbeen on fire, leading a ministry focused on sisterhood andmentorship. She gives back by offering faith-basedcounseling through the Time2Heal program and haswritten a book, Identity and Purpose to empowerothers. The MAG Gala fueled new passion as she hasimagined ways to increase value of the resources that SafePassage offers to current clients.

The inspiration was contagious, Sue dreams of using herexperience to be a voice for other survivors. This eventprovided experience as a spokes person and clarified hervision. She plans to share the impact of this event with herteam at the Hyatt Hotel, where she works. Her hope is tocreate a partnership between the Hyatt and Safe Passageand build awareness for the pathway to healing.

Cindy never imagined she would be worthy of anexperience like the MAG Gala, but she thrived in theenvironment. She felt loved and touched by thecommunity of successful philanthropic entrepreneurs. Sheis grateful that she worked through the challenges thatalmost prevented her from attending. Her dream is toopen a home for women that are committed to overcomingaddiction. Safe Passage will continue to offer support andcommunity so she can bring this dream to fruition.

Sue, Jaquene, and Cindy were mentioned in ForbesMagazine highlighting one of the most iconic events inNew York. They are passionate about working with theSafe Passage Team to realize their dreams and walk withothers to overcome abuse.

It is a such an inspiration to watch them pay it forward andbuild a community to help others overcome abuse. Thank6/21/23, 4:21 PM Constant Contact 3/3 

you for being part of our community where many growpersonally and professionally. Together we strive to healand align in collaboration with God so at Safe Passage weget to witness miracles.