People are shining light on their secret pain.
There is an appointed time for everything under heaven…
it’s time to heal.

Give knowing that someone life can be saved from any trauma or death. We have a 95% success rate healing the body, soul & spirit.
Thank you for taking action by making a donation today.
Thank you for giving hope and strength to someone today.

If you would prefer to donate by check please send donation to:
Safe Passage, P.O.Box 40034, CA 91604
or call 818-232-7476 with your credit card
and ask for Trish Steele, the Founder. 

Heal from Shame, Anger & Fear;
Heal from Abuse & Harassment.
Heal yourself and you will heal the world.

Safe Passage Counseling Heals.
Your appointed time is now, that you deserve. Join Us!

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Suicide Prevention Center 800-273-8255
Break the Cycle – Teens-Young Adults 424-265-7346
National DV Hotline 800-799-SAFE